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Another Resolution

by Cherie Tucker

January 2017




Let’s start the year with this resolution: We will never again say, “another” into this strange construction. It supposedly means that there is another way to look at something entirely. Or something like that. Perhaps.

And let’s not fill that silent gap with a sigh and a “Well, anyways.” There is no “s” on “anyway.” Ellen can get away with it because she does it on purpose, making it hilarious. It won’t be funny coming from the rest of us.

There now, that’ll start the year off right.

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Cherie Tucker, owner of GrammarWorks, has taught writing basics to professionals since 1987, presenting at the PNWA conference.  She currently teaches Practical Grammar for Editors at the University of Washington’s Editing Certification program and edits as well.  GrammarWorks@msn.com.

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