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Jennifer Paros



Jennifer Paros is a writer, illustrator, and author of Violet Bing and the Grand House (Viking, 2007). She lives in Seattle. Please visit her website at jenniferparos.com.









Letter from Friends


Image That


Answers Come in Pieces


Of LIttle and Great Faith


What We Want


Make Yourself Comfortable

Crimes Against Ourselves

Put a Line Throught It

The Deeper State

Shut Up, I’m Sorry, I Love You

What's Important

Making Meaning

Making Pictures

Getting Along


Bless The Adventure

The Other Size of Zero

I Get To Decide

Unapologetically You

They Mystery

Hang In There


Unmasking “The Inner Critic”

Now You See It

The Fogotten Truth

At the Speed of Slow

Where's My Approval?

Back to You

The Best Mess

The Tremors


Balancing With My Eyes

Heroes and Villians

The Ol' "Show, Don't Tell" Thing

All That We Gain

Seeing Yourself as a Friend

The Feeling of Perfection

The Grace of Nonresistance

Death, Tragedy and Voice

The Power of Lightness


The Drifter

Your Genius

Finding Joy in the Picture


Talking to Ourselves

The Matrix of All That Matters

Nothing Out There

I Don't Want to Do Anything

Other People's Opinions

One Team

Behind the Scenes

The Thing Is

I Want to Let My Cats Out

Natural Discipline


Your Way

A Conversation with Raggedy Ann

The Horse Ate an Alligator

Being Pinched

You Know that You Know

That's Not What You Are

Working Easy


The End of an Error

Good Boss, Bad Boss

You Don't Understand

Accidentally Optimistic

The Big Wave Theory

I Wish You Like This

Stuck Where We Are

True Genius

Making a Mess

Giving Ourselves a Chance

The Answer Will Come

By Choice

Oh, Let Go

Rewrites and Scary Closets

Writing into a Tree

Giving Up

The Pre-Made Decision

Babies, Butterflies, and Books


The Voice of Possibility

What Moves Us

Perfect It Later

Find Yourself in Everything

The Art of Being Lost

Rules, Consequences, and Whatís the Point

The Transformative Story

I Decide: Putting to Rest "My Miserable Life" Lost

Words Will Never Hurt Us

Be As Perfect As You Are

The Art of Belonging


Into the Dark


Setting Free the Angel

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