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Cate Campbell (Louise Marley) is a physician’s daughter, and has worked in more jobs than she can count–as a teacher, an office nurse, a waitress, a nanny, a secretary, a saleswoman, and a singer. The  Benedict Hall series is the culmination of her lifelong fascination with medicine, history, Seattle, and the stunning cultural and social changes that marked the decade of the 1920s.  She also confesses to an obsession with the clothes and hair styles of the Jazz Age! Before becoming a novelist, Cate worked as a concert and opera singer based in Seattle.  Under the name Louise Marley, she wrote a number of fantasy novels with musical themes.  She was shortlisted for a number of awards in that genre, and twice was the winner of the Endeavour Award for Excellence in Science Fiction.  The full bibliography is at louisemarley.com.



Cate Campbell

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