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Of Little and Great Faith


by Jennifer Paros



Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

~Khalil Gibran


When I begin working on a new picture, I start out feeling free. I sketch and see what lights up for me, then strive to develop it. There’s some waiting, staring, and listening for whatever comes into play next. Gradually, I recognize daytime or night, inside or out, wind or stillness, water or land or both, where I am, where I want to be. As the image focuses itself, usually, almost always, at some point I start to doubt. Early in the process, while in the “dark”, I find it easier to keep the faith, but as I see more, I am inclined to question whether I’ll be able to reach a satisfying conclusion.

This is my least favorite part of how I make pictures and of how I sometimes do life. I don’t like the part where I no longer trust whatever wings I was resting on before, and instead climb off, question, and start worrying. It’s uncomfortable at best: the stretch of road where there seems to be no legible signs of reassurance that I am still on course to what I want.

Though faith is often used in religious contexts and in more secular terms like faith in humanity and faith in ourselves, I don’t think the atheist nor any cynically inclined realist is ever left behind when considering what faith actually is. Though we may be called upon to be consciously faithful during trying times, we all routinely display faith day to day. There is no way to go from here to there without faith; regardless of how many times we’ve done it before, we don’t know what will happen this time. more...



Which Is It?


by Cherie Tucker





When words sound the same and are almost spelled the same, it is sometimes difficult to remember which one to use correctly. The difference between a while and awhile often causes writers to pause. The solution is to remember that the single word awhile is an adverb and is used to describe an action.


He waited awhile for the bus, but it never came.


The two-word combination is required because the word while is a noun and requires the adjective a.


It took a while for the bus to come, but he was happy he waited.


The main clue comes from The Gregg Reference Manual, as usual. There are always two words, it tells us, if while follows a preposition.





5 Reason to Hire a Writing Coach


by Tess Bercan




How many times have you picked up writing with complete dedication to becoming a full-time freelancer, only to forget about it as soon as “real life” sets in and distracts you?


Not to worry, we have all been there. Pursuing passions that reside outside of our normal responsibilities (such as paying bills, heading to a 9-5, and attending to children) are not so easy to keep on track. When life calls and you have a packed to-do list, dropping anything that doesn’t feel immediately necessary to the “do later” pile is easy.


As a freelancer fresh to the game of the writing business (who also worked a full-time job and had many life responsibilities) I can assure you that succeeding in a passion is doable – it just takes a little extra help.


Throughout my journey in writing independently, I have had a writing coach guiding me every step of the way, and she has been an asset that has kept me, my writing, and my lofty goals achievable and intact.

Here are some of the pros that I have experienced from having a writing coach:



1. Sifting through information overload


We can all learn tips and tricks for freelance writing online, but honestly, there is so much information out there that it often feels easier not to start, because it’s hard to know where to begin.

“One of the things I struggled with when I started freelancing is figuring out the details,” explains Diana Bocco, a full-time freelance writer, author, and writing coach. “I knew how to write, but I didn't know anything about finding markets, reaching out to experts for quotes, starting a portfolio or dealing with payments.”



October 2017

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